If you are in crisis, call the 24 HOUR ACCESS HelpLine 1-888-793-4357
422 8th Street SE, Washington,DC 20003 Office: 202-546-0646   Fax: 202-546-6817   
 NAMI DC's newly elected


 Jean Harris, RN, MSN, CNA

 Chaplain Robert Renix,
 BCCI, ACPE Supervisor
 Vice President

 Mary Beckett

 Susan Ousley
 Assistant Secretary

 Robert Thurston, 

 LeGrande Baldwin

 Karen Devalera, JD
 Mary Jean DiPietro
 Dr. James Jones

 Phillip Lartigue, JD

 Cynthia Marshall

 Dr. Frederick Munford

 Seetal Parikh

 Kristal Wortham
 Executive Director

 Merion D. Kane
 Founding President


Here's how you can be the change that transforms lives, raises awareness, echoes advocacy and reminds us that we are not alone.​

*Help pay for a 12-week series of NAMI 
See more at: https://www.nami.org/Find-Support/NAMI-Programs/NAMI-Family-to-Family#sthash.DKT3u1KB.dpuf

* Help pay for an In Our Own Voice ("IOOV") training

NAMI IOOV is one of the most popular Signature Programs and serves as a unique public education program that consists of two speakers who share their compelling stories of achieving recovery while living with mental health conditions. These inspirational stories build confidence, develop leadership skills, and motivate others while helping to stamp out stigma.
Did you know that in 2015, NAMI DC 
managed more than 700 HelpLine requests; facilitated weekly support 
group for more than 45 weeks; 
provided education, advocacy, 
support and more via 4,000+ website visits; 
provided more than 500 outreach packets; 
delivered more than 20 In Our Own Voice presentations; trained nearly 10 new facilitators 
for NAMI Signature Programs; reached more than 1,000 people during more than 20 information sessions and trainings to federal agencies, 
accounting firms, law firms, churches, 
medical students, mentors who support 
teen parents, therapeutic foster parents, 
community and heritage events, 
AKA Mental Health Impact Day, 
and more; engaged five summer interns in 
legislative advocacy, visits to Core Service Agencies, outreach events, Howard University Department of Psychiatry 2015 Summer School, 
Farewell Reception for Dr. William Lawson, 
surveys about mental health policies in the workplace, review of landmark decisions 
from the Supreme Court and more?!?!?!?